NESA Endorsed Professional Learning

SLAM Education is endorsed to provide the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Registered Professional Development for teachers accredited at Proficient Teacher level.


SLAM has re-thought the provision of  Future-focussed Learning Professional Learning for primary school teachers. Rather than single days with limited follow-up, SLAM effectively embeds a professionally qualified facilitator within a school for a whole year. We aim to lift the technology and digital capability of ALL teachers in a school – not just a few.

Negotiated with the Principal and called Next Level Professional Learning, the program will occur over one year with the core program covering two terms.

Before launching into a programme we review the school’s technology and digital assets; discuss the school plan with the Principal and identify the strengths and passions of individual teachers

The programme involves a number of workshops with all staff, and more intensive training and mentoring of a small group of teachers. These may be stage leaders or technologically capable and passionate teachers.

The lead group are then supported by SLAM in passing on their expertise to their colleagues.

All teachers will be provided with workshops by SLAM and access to online learning. Lead teachers will be given extra mentoring and support at their stage levels and in improving whole-school STEM and technologies student outcomes. Lead teachers will also be provided with knowledge and resources to lead their own workshops. SLAM will provide all teachers with access to research on best-practice and other teaching and learning resources.

This model better meets the time demands of schools and means schools are not double-penalised by paying for professional development courses and replacing teachers on class. The whole school approach and a year program mean there are many opportunities for feedback cycles to occur and teachers are given support in teaching and assessing learning.

We are working with NESA to obtain Category 2  endorsement as a PD Provider

Grounded in Research

Professional learning is best measured by its impact on students in the classroom. Traditional approaches to PL often lack the teacher-support needed for this to take place.

Joyce & Showers (2002) demonstrate that a professional learning program that provides theory and discussion, guidance, hands-on learning, feedback, and co-teaching is considerably more likely to convert into teacher implementation in the classroom.

This is how SLAM provides and determines success – by student outcomes.

What you get in numbers


Indicative Pricing

Our base cost covers two lead teachers and five participant teachers, but we prefer to lift the Futures Learning capability of the whole cohort of teachers in any one primary school.

Please contact us to obtain further details and a detailed quote customised for your school.